Meet the Podiatrist

Podiatrist, Dr. Thomas LeBeau offers laser toenail fungus treatment. The Toe Laser Center, in St. Augustine, Florida, is home to many patients being treated by podiatrist Dr. Thomas LeBeau, in the northeast Florida area. Dr. LeBeau has been a podiatrist and healing patient’s lower extremity problems since 1989. He has acquired a Dual Board Certification as a podiatrist and wound care specialist. The Toe Laser Center is located inside the St. Augustine Foot and Ankle building, in St. Augustine, Florida, our nation’s oldest city!

Dr. LeBeau will be your podiatrist in The Toe Laser Center and is now offering toenail fungus treatment with laser technology. Dr. LeBeau uses the Cutera GenesysPlus laser systems to treat the persistent problem of toenail fungus. The new laser system has been approved by the FDA and is designed as a safe and effective toenail fungus treatment.


By targeting the toenail fungus, the laser gets to the source of the problem immediately. Tiny pulses of light from the laser pass through the toenail to the fungus underneath. The fungus is irradiated without any damage to the surrounding nail or skin. Our toenail fungus treatment plan includes three visits with treatments taking approximately 10-20 minutes. Most people feel a slight warming sensation during the procedure. You may resume all normal activities after treatment and as your nails grow out, new clear nail growth appears at the base of the nail. Laser technology is safe and effective. No more home remedies that never seem to work. No concern about liver damage that can result from the use of antifungals.


Podiatrist Dr. Thomas LeBeau offers laser treatment for toenail fungus.  The use of this new laser technology, eliminates the previous methods of toenail fungus treatment, to include antifungal creams and “home remedies” that never seem to work, not to mention prescription medication, which used over long periods of time can cause liver and kidney damage. Laser toenail fungus treatment is “safe” and virtually painless.

If you are experiencing any problems, in addition to your toenail fungus, with you lower extremities, foot and ankle, etc., you may visit Dr. LeBeau at the same location in the St. Augustine Foot and Ankle clinic. Dr. LeBeau utilizes the latest technology for diagnostic testing and treatment for any of your conditions. If you suffer from bunions and hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, wounds or any pain at all, we can help. Dr. LeBeau treats diabetic feet as well as creating computerized orthotics for you. To learn more, you can visit our website at or if you prefer, you may call 904-372-8176 to make an appointment for a laser consultation or for any of your foot concerns and ailments.