Dr. Thomas LeBeau St. Augustine

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Dr. Thomas LeBeau St. Augustine
Dr. Thomas LeBeau, here to help YOU!

Dr. Thomas LeBeau St. Augustine

Dr. Thomas LeBeau

St. Augustine Foot and Ankle

Although Dr. Thomas LeBeau is a highly skilled surgeon, he has been successfully helping patients recover from foot or ankle problems using conservative, nonsurgical methods for years. After helping thousands of patients overcome pain and lost function, he knows that surgery isn’t always the best solution.

However, in those cases where surgery is the only solution, he uses state-of-the-art minimally invasive techniques to shorten recovery time and reduce or eliminate complications. Whatever foot and ankle condition you have, rest assured that Dr. Thomas LeBeau offers the latest cosmetic and corrective care.

The right approach to help you get the right results.

Helping you achieve a fast, hassle-free recovery is Dr. Thomas LeBeau’s highest priority. That’s why St. Augustine Foot and Ankle provides state-of-the-art equipment such diagnostic ultrasound, computer-generated foot and ankle orthotics and comprehensive physical therapy services to support his conservative approach to podiatric care. Computer-generated orthotics are thin and lightweight and may eliminate the need for surgery.

Podiatric care that puts you first.

At St. Augustine Foot and Ankle, in St. Augustine, Florida your concerns matter. You are Dr. LeBeau’s main focus. He wants you to have proper treatment so you can go back to doing what you love most in life. Dr. LeBeau is a good listener — he’ll hear you out, helping you make smart choices about your foot and ankle health. He’ll take the time to explain all the treatment options available to you for any foot or ankle condition.

Conveniences for a more positive care experience.

  • Most insurance accepted and filed for you
  • Visa and MasterCard accepted
  • CareCredit® financing available
  • One of the few Medicaid providers in the area
  • Handicapped-accessible
  • Free parking
  • Easy-to-find location
  • Friendly, professional staff

With our experience at St. Augustine Foot and Ankle we will do everything we can to help you with your diabetic foot care and keep your feet healthy and functioning. If you are a diabetic please  give us a call to set an appointment as soon as possible at (904) 824-0869 or feel free to email us at info@staugustinefoot.com